Research themes

Research themes

The Selune scientific program is multidisciplinary and addresses three main themes
The three main themes of the program provide an almost complete description of the changes taking place in the Selune. The aim is to study:
- Territorial dynamics and trajectories
- Fluvial dynamics and water quality
- Aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity

The program is structured around various research projects. A number of parameters arising from these themes are also monitored through the Selune Observatory.

In this folder

Our team of geographers and experts in human and social sciences is studying how the restoration project has been taken on board by various local and international stakeholders, and how the uses and landscapes of the Selune are changing.
The aim is to study changes in the river and its banks. Monitoring enables us to understand how water quality and the shape of the river change during restoration work.
The aim is to study the evolution, functioning and resilience of the plant and animal communities present in the watercourse and on its banks.

Modification date: 20 September 2023 | Publication date: 11 July 2023 | By: Selune Team