Evaluation phase projects

Evaluation phase projects

Evaluation phase projects

Projects of the evaluation phase provide an understanding of how the Selune valley functioned with dams.

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This project defines the initial state of diadromous fish and invasive crayfish before the dams are removed. This will allow monitoring the (re)colonisation of these species throughout the catchment area after the dams have been removed.
This project is drawing up an inventory of fish stocks and the functioning of aquatic food webs in the Selune estuary before the dams are removed.

31 July 2023

Food webs

This project establishes a reference state, with the dams, of trophic interactions between the aquatic biocenoses present on the Selune, ranging from micro-organisms to fish, in the tributaries and the river itself from its source to the estuary.
This project assesses the impact of dams on aquatic animal and plant communities linked to water quality (zooplankton, macroinvertebrates, phytoplankton, periphyton, macrophytes).
This project is setting up a monitoring system and indicators to determine the initial state of the vegetation, landscape and agricultural systems before dam removal.
This project compares the implementation, acceptance and progress of dam removal projects in France, with the example of the Selune, and in the United States, where several similar dam removals have taken place.
This project deals with the socio-economic and landscape dimensions of the operation to remove the hydroelectric dams on the Selune. Its aim is to draw up an inventory of the landscapes and practices at work in the Selune valley before removal.
This project is setting up protocols for monitoring water, chemical and sediment fluxes in order to understand how the Selune works with the dams. The geomorphology of the river is also studied.
The aim of this project is to develop and apply a non-invasive method for monitoring migratory fish flows in the Selune. The development of this method is based on the analysis of images and videos taken by an hydroacoustic camera positioned in the river.

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