Focus on the results of the Selune scientific program

Here you will find a series of articles describing some of our key findings to help you understand how the Selune and its valley are recovering following the removal of the Vezins and La-Roche-Qui-Boit dams.

This section will be regularly updated with new results from the scientific program.

If you would like to find out more, these results are based on the scientific reports and articles available in the publications section. You can also directly consult the data using SISélune, the Selune scientific program's information system.

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One of the objectives of the operation to remove the dams on the Selune river is to restore the river to good ecological status. So what is the current 'state' of the Selune?
Depuis 2019, dans le cadre du projet de recherche sur l’utilisation des habitats par le saumon atlantique (Salmo Salar), Émilien Lasne et ses collègues capturent des saumons pour les équiper d’émetteurs radio.

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