More European eels ?

More European eels ?

How many European eels leave the Selune river after spending several years in the catchment?

The European eel is a catadromous migratory species that lives in rivers and breeds at sea. It is a particularly protected migratory species. Its presence in the Selune valley was restricted downstream by the presence of dams, particularly the Vezins dam, which was not crossable. Restoring ecological continuity will enable the European eel to recolonise the entire catchment area and contribute to the preservation of this emblematic river species.

A scientific fishery monitors the migration of eels as they swim downstream towards the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel. The fishery assesses the number of eels produced on the Selune and their evolution.

Diagram of the fishery set up during the eels' downstream migration (Credit: MNHN)

Modification date : 17 August 2023 | Publication date : 31 July 2023 | Redactor : Selune Team