The ecosystem of the little bay of Mont Saint-Michel

The ecosystem of the little bay of Mont Saint-Michel

What changes have been observed in the ecological functioning of the little Bay of Mont Saint-Michel following the removal of the dams?

Restoring the continuity of the Selune will re-establish the flow of nutrients and organic matter of terrestrial origin that were previously intercepted by the reservoirs. This will change the ecological functioning of the Bay of Mont Saint Michel. Preliminary work carried out as part of the scientific programme shows that these habitats are of particular value as nurseries for bottom-dwelling species, particularly fish of great commercial interest such as sea bass and flounder.

The observatory monitors bentho-demersal communities (i.e. those living close to the bottom) in order to understand how the "Petite Baie du Mont" ecosystem is likely to evolve as a result of changes in the hydro-sedimentary dynamics of the Selune. The inclusion of this section in the Selune observatory provides an opportunity for a more integrated vision of the effect of restoring continuity to the Sélune, taking into account the freshwater-seawater continuum.

Monitoring campaign for benthic-demersal communities in the little bay of Mont Saint-Michel. Photo: N.Desroy © Nicolas Desroy

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